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We're proud to present our Masters of Nothing - promising individuals who truly care about nothing.

Masters of Nothing

We're proud to present:
<span>Ben Lur</span>

Ben Lur

A founding member of the Masters of Nothing chamber

<span>Ben Wolfy</span>

Ben Wolfy

A founding member of the Masters of Nothing chamber

<span>Dan Ereziko</span>

Dan Ereziko

A founding member of the Masters of Nothing chamber

<span>George Costanza</span>

George Costanza

An inspiration, and a pioneer Master of Nothing

<span>Uriel Dishi</span>

Uriel Dishi

One of our first supporters, and a person who does a lot but appreciates nothing as well

<span>Clinton Harpman</span>

Clinton Harpman

"Achieving mastery in the art of nothing means understanding that sometimes the most productive thing you can do is absolutely nothing at all."

<span>Elsa Katz</span>

Elsa Katz

A true supporter of nothing and a doer of many things

<span>Ed Yee</span>

Ed Yee

Surfed Bangladeshi train tops, wandered into Mexican cartel villages, and raced Indian rickshaws.

<span>Corey A. Cashion</span>

Corey A. Cashion

“When you’ve mastered the art of nothing, surely, you’re on to something”

<span>Fernando Villalba</span>

Fernando Villalba

"I was able to triple my nothing output within the first minute of using this product. 10x developer overnight!"

<span>Eli Gervits</span>

Eli Gervits

"Then first Russian-speaking lawyer in Second Life, now first in Nothing :)"

<span>Lihi Goldsmith</span>

Lihi Goldsmith

"Nothing is better!"

<span>ThisPerson DoesNotExist</span>

ThisPerson DoesNotExist

A generated face that you can replace with your own, for $29.99

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At first I was afraid, I was petrified. But now I am a proud Master of Nothing - Ben Wolfy

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